Mike Longo Trio plays “Good Bait” at Sandoval’s in Miami, Beach-2007

New Mike Longo CD “The Mike Longo Trio Celebrates Oscar Peterson receives 4 1/2 star review in January Issue of Downbeat Magazine!

The Mike Longo Trio


Celebrates Oscar Peterson Live

Search For Peace

Back in 1961, pianist Mike Longo had
six months of private lessons with
Oscar Peterson. The main thing that
he seems to remember from that
intense period was that Peterson
insisted that he not copy anyone else
(especially not him), Read More…

Mike Longo Interview on WGLT About His CD “Step On It”

Diddy Wah Diddy – Dizzy Gillespie w/ Mike Longo, George Davis, Patato Valdez, Jerry and Andy Gonzolez and Nicky Morrera

5 Star Review of “To My Surprise” from UK


A Piclure 0f Dorion Mode; Still Wofer; New Muse Blues; Limbo;
Alone Agoin; I Hadn’f Anyone ‘Til You; OId Devil Moon; Mogic Bloze; To My Surprise; You’ve Chonged; Eye 0f The Hurricone; ln The Wee Smoll Hours (64 09)

Jimmy Owens (t); Lonce Bryont (ts); Mike Longo (p); Bob Cronshow (b); Lewis Nosh (d). Englewood. New Jersey, 1 Augusl, 201 t.

CAP 1030 *****

Pianist Mike Longo offers this quintet and trio menu with a life- time of musical experience, including a quarter of a century of feeding chords for maestro Dizzy Gillespie, under his belt. Read More…

Mike Longo New York History

I first came to New York while in high school on a chorus trip.  We were scheduled to appear on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.  We were staying at the Henry Hudson Hotel.   Read More…

Mike Longo Talks About Transcribing And Playing Licks

Food For Thought



As many of you probably know, there has been a raging discussion going on Face book about the group of young musicians who put out a recording of a note for note version of the Miles Davis classic Kind of Blue.

As a result, a few comments were made about transcribing in general with some saying they never transcribed solos and others swearing by it.  I mentioned in a comment that I felt that transcribing was one of the best tools for ear training there is but that I question the practice of playing the transcription as a means of learning to play jazz. Read More…

5 StarReview of “The Mike Longo Trio Celebrates Oscar Peterson




The Mike Longo Trio turns in a more than fitting tribute to the great Oscar Peterson!
Brent Black /
An artist always needs to look for their own voice while presenting a unique harmonic exhibition of style and flavor. Mike Longo learned a valuable lesson from the great Oscar Peterson, be yourself. Read More…

Marlbank Review


The Mike Longo trio, Celebrates Oscar Peterson Live, Consolidated Artists Productions ***

The date: 25 June 2013. The place? An auditorium named after Dizzy Gillespie in the New York Baha’i Center, where Longo has now hosted a weekly Tuesday night gig for a decade often playing with his own groups. Read More…

Dizzy Gillepsie big band plays Mike Longo’s “Ding A Ling”

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To Read About Metronome Use Controversy follow link

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