Mike Longo Trio plays “Good Bait” at Sandoval’s in Miami, Beach-2007

Dizzy Gillepsie big band plays Mike Longo’s “Ding A Ling”

To Read About Metronome Use Controversy follow link

To Read About Metronome Use Controversy follow link

Review From Improvisation Nation

jLongo_Cover-9[1]Mike Longo – STEP ON IT:  This is definitely the kind of jazz that will “get your motor running” & make you keep your “pedal to the metal”, Read More…

“Lime House Blues” Mike Longo & The NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble

Important Tip on Improvising Over Changes

Important Tip on Improvising Over Changes

One of the problems musicians have when trying to learn how to solo over changes lies in the misconception regarding chords.  Chords and harmony are two separate issues. Harmony can best best described as Motion. The motion of the tones of one voicing moving into the tones of another in a melodic fashion.  Chords may best be described as arrested motion. The really great improvisers when playing vertically were not deriving their lines from chords as in the following fashion.

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Mike Longo Interviewed by Jake Feinberg

Dizzy Big Band-Manteca-1968 Copenhagen-Mike Longo on Piano

Mike Longo Trio-1974 With Ron Carter, Micky Roker and Patato Valdez

Last Tango In Paris-Mike Longo Trio-1974 with Mickey Roker-drums, Ron Carter-bass and Patato Valdez-congas

Mike Longo responds to article proclaiming that jazz is dead.

In answer to a recent article by a jazz journalist who proclaimed that “jazz is dead sincee there are no more composers like George Gershwin providing the musicians with material to play”, I submit the following.

This seems to me to be an example of someone not seeing beyond one’s own periphery.  Read More…

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