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From Arturo Sandoval’s club in Miami Beach Arturo’s in 2007. Mike Longo plays Coltrane’s “Moments Notice” with Duffy Jackson – Drums and Rick Doll-Bass

“Work Song” by the Mike Longo Trio-Live from New York on 11/0717

Mike Longo ,Paul West and Ray Mosca play Nat adderley’s “Work Song” from the John Birks Gillespie auditorium in the NYC Baha’i Center from their tribute to Oscar Peterson concert on 11/07/17

Final DVD IV of “The Rhythmic Nature of Jazz” by Mike Longo

Provocative and transformative information is revealed here that will have a lasting effect on jazz education for years to come.  To order any of the DVDs in this four value set please visit: and follow the instructions on the home page.

Mike Longo Trio Plays “Stella By Starlight” live from the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium in the NYC Baha’i Center on 11/07/17

Mike Longo, Paul West and Ray Mosca play Stella by Starlight in a tribute to Oscar Peterson, live from New York on 11/07/17

Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Live From Amsterdam in 1970 plays Mike Longo’s “Let Me Out.”

Red Mitchell-bass, Mike longo-piano, composer, arranger, George Davis-guitar, David Lee-drums and Dizzy Gillespie-trumpet/leader.

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