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My Little Red Top by Gene Ammons, Played by the Mike Longo Trio on 11/07/17

Live from the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium in the NYC Baha’i Center on 11/07/17, Mike Longo, Ray Mosca and Paul West play “My Little Red Top” in a tribute to Oscar Peterson.


“Caravan” by the Mike Longo Trio – Live from Oscar Peterson Tribute at the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium on 11/07/17

Mike Longo, Paul West and Ray Mosca play the Ellington classic “Caravan” from their 11/07/17 concert honoring Oscar Peterson.


Preface to the course: Voicing and Voice Leading for the Contemporary Jazz Pianist by Mike Longo

 (Although this is a course for jazz pianists, it is also applicable for horn players and other instrumentalists who need a working understanding of keyboard harmony as a reference point for application to your own instrument when improvising.  It is extremely helpful to arrangers and composers as well.)


Mike Longo Talks About Transcribing And Playing Licks

Food For Thought     As many of you probably know, there has been a raging discussion going on Face book about the group of young musicians who put out a recording of a note for note version of the Miles Davis classic Kind of Blue. As a result, a few comments were made about […]


Important Tip on Improvising Over Changes

One of the problems musicians have when trying to learn how to solo over changes lies in the misconception regarding chords.  Chords and harmony are two separate issues. Harmony can best best described as Motion. The motion of the tones of one voicing moving into the tones of another in a melodic fashion.  Chords may […]


Time Feel for Jazz Ed

Often times, when I have done master classes at various jazz departments, I am confronted with questions about something referred to as “a triplet feel.”  This is how some educators and students alike perceive the jazz  time conception.  They are correct in assuming that the pulsating unit is a three note entity, or in other […]


Harmonic Rhythm-Jazz Lesson of the Day

Harmonic Rhythm Back in the 80s, James Moody asked me to write some charts for his album called “Sweet and Lovely.”  During the session I got a call from him exclaiming how well the changes I gave him for his solo worked.  Later he asked me how I came up with them and I explained […]


Should You Practice Jazz With A Metronome?

Should You Practice Jazz With A Metronome? In MHO, absolutely not!  Why?  Because a metronome clicking is not a pulse.  What is a pulse anyway?  The sound of your heart beating.  It produces a throbbing, pumping kind of feeling as opposed to the monotonous, soulless clicking of a metronome.  All of the great jazz musicians […]


Mike Longo Answering Comments About Metronome Article

This is a post I made on Hal Galper’s Face Book Page.  Hal shared my metronome article to his followers and stated that he agreed with everything I said.  This provoked a lot of responses on his site. Many of them were positive and in support of what I said.  To answer some of those […]


More Interesting Insights into the Debate About Metronome Use In the Study of Jazz

Since I first posted my article stating my belief that one should never practice jazz with a metronome since a metronome is not a pulse, an intense controversy has sprung up on the internet over it.  Many people have attacked my position while a few, such as Hal Galper have defended it and agreed with […]

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