The Rhythmic Nature of Jazz DVD #1

Cantaloupe Isle-The Mike Longo Trio

The Proclamation-Mike Longo Funk Band

Dee Daniels w/ Mike Longo band- Our Love is Here to Stay

Mike Longo Big Band – New World Order

My Ship

Mike Longo Big Band – The Way It Is

Mike Longo Big Band – Con Alma

Mike Longo Interview with Schaen Fox-Jersey Jazz Journal

IMG_4503_mTalking Jazz

A Jersey Jazz Interview with Mike Longo

By Schaen Fox


JJ: Would you tell us about your new CD.


ML: It is called A Celebration of Diz and Miles and was recorded live at the Baha i Center in New York on June 26, 2012. It features Ray Mosca and Paul West. We hadn’t planned to make a CD, but Bob Magnuson recorded it and it came out good enough to release.

JJ: I read that it was all improvised. Was it all done in one night?

ML: Yeah. We played two sets and I just showed up with a list of tunes. We had no rehearsal or anything. We just hit it. We’d count four and start blowing.

JJ: That is great. Any chance there will be a volume two?

ML: Actually we had enough left over however once I do a record I’m already thinking of the next thing I want to record. I’ve been working on some new stuff now with a different approach.

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Mike Longo Jazz Pedagogue

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